Veza Sur Mangolandia

Mango Wheat Ale - 4.8° ABV

Veza Sur Mangolandia


Mango Wheat Ale

  • Ideal tasting temperature

    This beer is best enjoyed at 38°.

  • 18 beers per keg

    Don't worry about having cold beer in your fridge anymore.

  • State of production

    This beer is produced in Florida.

  • Type of glass to use for the tasting

    The pint glass is perfect for this beer.

  • Shelf life

    Consumable 4 weeks after opening.

  • ABV and IBU

    The ABV is 4.8%, and the IBU is 20.

Enjoy Veza Sur Spanglish on draft at home.

Inspired by the Latin roots. A light bodied Lager with just a dash more of malt & hops. Crisp and refreshing, perfect for those hot Miami summer days & nights.

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