Veza Sur South Coast IPA

IPA - 7.5° ABV

Veza Sur South Coast IPA



  • Ideal tasting temperature

    This beer is best enjoyed at 38°.

  • 18 beers per keg

    Don't worry about having cold beer in your fridge anymore.

  • State of production

    This beer is produced in Florida.

  • Type of glass to use for the tasting

    The pint glass is perfect for this beer.

  • Shelf life

    Consumable 4 weeks after opening.

  • ABV and IBU

    The ABV is 7.5%, and the IBU is 40.

Enjoy Veza Sur South Coast IPA on draft at home.

Love hop aroma, but not that lingering bitterness? This full-bodied Miami IPA is for you! This beer has the brilliantly fresh nose of an IPA and is balanced by a full malt backbone. Yo quiero una ya!

How to pour the perfect beer

Our kegs

Once the barrel is perforated as recommended in the instructions, you just need to open your Pefectdraft machine from the front and to slide the keg inside. Easy and quick !

  • 202 oz


  • 7.9 in


  • 13.5 in


  • 14.5 lb


  • The kegs only work with the PerfectDraft machine, do not try to fill them manually.