Stella Artois Bundle

Pale Lager - 5° ABV

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Stella Artois Bundle


Pale Lager

Become the ultimate host with a PerfectDraft machine in your home. 

Draft beer, delivered fresh & pours ice-cold.

  • Keep beer at your desired temperature (32°-53°F)
  • Enjoy a fresh beer for up to 30 days
  • Each keg holds 202 oz of fresh draft beer (18.6 bottles of Stella Artois)
  • No maintenance, no additional equipment - 5-minute setup & ready to pour

What you'll get in your PerfectDraft bundle

PerfectDraft Machine

Home tap
  • Temperature control

    Reach the perfect temperature for your beer. You can set the temperature from 32° to 53°.

  • Plug and play!

    You don't need to use CO2 or clean the tubes!

  • Smart pour technology

    Pour the perfect beer, even if you just plugged in the keg.

  • App control

    Track the remaining level in your keg, and adjust the temperature directly from the app.

  • Weight and size

    The PerfectDraft machine is made to fit in your kitchen

Stella Artois


Pale Lager

  • Ideal tasting temperature

    This beer is best enjoyed between 37° and 41°.

  • 18 beers per keg

    Don't worry about having cold beer in your fridge anymore.

  • Country of production

    This beer is produced in Belgium.

  • Type of glass to use for the tasting

    Stemmed glass in balloon format.

  • Shelf life

    Consumable 4 weeks after opening.

  • ABV and IBU

    The ABV is 5%, and the IBU is 24.

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