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Stella Artois Bundle

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Cold, Fresh Draft Beer at Home

Become the ultimate host with a PerfectDraft machine & Stella Artois in your home. 

Draft beer served brewery fresh & ice-cold this holiday season  

  • Pour ice-cold 32° draft beer in the comfort of your home
  • Kegs remain brewery-fresh for 30 days after being loaded into the machine
  • Choose your own pint glass 🍻 pour your friends and family their favorite pint
  • With PerfectDraft, it's easy – no maintenance or extra accessories needed. Just quality beer and good times to share

What you'll get in your PerfectDraft bundle

PerfectDraft Machine

Home tap
  • Temperature control

    Reach the perfect temperature for your beer. You can set the temperature from 32° to 53°.

  • Plug and play!

    You don't need to use CO2 or clean the tubes!

  • Smart pour technology

    Pour the perfect beer, even if you just plugged in the keg.

  • App control

    Track the remaining level in your keg, and adjust the temperature directly from the app.

  • Weight and size

    The PerfectDraft machine is made to fit in your kitchen

Stella Artois


Pale Lager

  • Ideal tasting temperature

    This beer is best enjoyed between 37° and 41°.

  • 18 beers per keg

    Don't worry about having cold beer in your fridge anymore.

  • Recommended Glassware

    Stemmed glass in balloon format.

  • Shelf life

    Consumable 4 weeks after opening.

  • ABV and IBU

    The ABV is 5%, and the IBU is 24.

What are the PerfectDraft® features

PerfectDraft app

Manage your PerfectDraft machine via the app. Set the temperature, monitor freshness and beer levels, get notifications and access services.

Weight and size

The Perfectdraft machine is a little bigger than a coffee machine: it is 11.5 in width, 17.5in height and 20.3in deep. Its weight is 33.71Lb.

The Perfect Pour

Smart Pour technology means the perfect pour every single time.

Variable temperature control

Adjust the temperature for your perfect beer (32ºF-45ºF).

Improved insulation

Chills down faster and keeps temperature stable, even in warm environments.

Fast cooling

From room temparature to 'ready-to-drink' within 12 hours

The ultimate home beer experience.

Our kegs

Once the barrel is perforated as recommended in the instructions, you just need to open your Pefectdraft machine from the front and to slide the keg inside. Easy and quick!

  • 202 oz


  • 7.9 in


  • 13.5 in


  • 14.5 lb


  • The kegs only work with the PerfectDraft machine, do not try to fill them manually.

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