Stella Artois Bundle

Pale Lager - 5° ABV

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Stella Artois Bundle

Machine + Stella Artois Keg

Become the ultimate host with a PerfectDraft machine & Stella Artois in your home. 

Draft beer served brewery fresh & ice-cold this summer 

  • Pour ice-cold 32° draft beer in the comfort of your home
  • Kegs stay brewery fresh for 30 days once loaded into the machine 
  • Choose your own pint glass 🍻 pour your friends and family their favorite pint
  • Keep it simple with PerfectDraft - there's no maintenance required, no additional accessories required - just quality beer & good times to flow 

What you'll get in your PerfectDraft bundle


PerfectDraft Machine

Home tap
  • Temperature control

    Reach the perfect temperature for your beer. You can set the temperature from 32° to 53°.

  • Plug and play!

    You don't need to use CO2 or clean the tubes!

  • Smart pour technology

    Pour the perfect beer, even if you just plugged in the keg.

  • App control

    Track the remaining level in your keg, and adjust the temperature directly from the app.

  • Weight and size

    The PerfectDraft machine is made to fit in your kitchen


Stella Artois


Pale Lager

  • Ideal tasting temperature

    This beer is best enjoyed between 37° and 41°.

  • 18 beers per keg

    Don't worry about having cold beer in your fridge anymore.

  • Country of production

    This beer is produced in Belgium.

  • Type of glass to use for the tasting

    Stemmed glass in balloon format.

  • Shelf life

    Consumable 4 weeks after opening.

  • ABV and IBU

    The ABV is 5%, and the IBU is 24.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • PerfectDraft is a countertop keg machine that serves bar-quality draft beer. You simply insert a 202oz keg (equivalent to 18 bottles of Stella Artois) into the unit, and it cools the beer to your desired temperature. Once cooled, all you need to do is pull the tap to pour the perfect pint of beer.
  • Each keg holds 202oz, equivalent to 18 bottles of Stella Artois. The machine's LED monitor displays the level of beer remaining in the keg so you can order more as needed and avoid running out. Pro tip: Keep your next keg in the fridge to reduce the time it takes to cool the beer once placed in the machine.
  • Once opened, each keg stays fresh for 30 days. The PerfectDraft machine keeps track of your keg's freshness and notifies you of its remaining shelf life. Each keg comes clearly marked with a ‘best before’ date.
  • PerfectDraft maintains the beer at a steady temperature of your choice between 32F - 54F. The LED monitor on the PerfectDraft machine displays the current temperature of the keg.
  • The machine sold in the US measures 11.5in (length) x 20.3in (depth) x 17.5in (height) and easily fits on most countertops. We recommend measuring your space before ordering to confirm fit. If your machine does not fit in your home, simply return it for a full refund. We offer a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Yes, changing the keg is easy and only takes a minute. Simply open the machine, pull out the tap handle at the top, remove the old keg, and snap in a new keg. Each keg purchased from us comes with a fresh beer line that snaps into the tap handle. There's no CO2, maintenance, or cleaning required. The process is very similar to putting a pod in a coffee maker.
  • Only PerfectDraft kegs purchased from our US website ( will fit into the PerfectDraft machine. Currently, we offer a collection of Stella Artois, Veza Sur, and La Rubia kegs, and we are continually adding more to our assortment.

Our kegs

Once the barrel is perforated as recommended in the instructions, you just need to open your Pefectdraft machine from the front and to slide the keg inside. Easy and quick !

  • 202 oz


  • 7.9 in


  • 13.5 in


  • 14.5 lb


  • The kegs only work with the PerfectDraft machine, do not try to fill them manually.

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